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S​Common Spiders In Las Vegas

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Ssssome of  the common spiders found in Las Vegas  are:

 The Black widow spider

  • ​The Black widow spider is black and shiny.
  • ​Black widow spiders have plump abdomens that are attached to the spiders head.
  • The black widow spider has a red hourglass shape on its abdomen.
  • The black widows web is generally irregular in shape, and the threads are strong.
  • ​Black widows like dark and dry hiding places, they may be found in corners,water boxes,under rocks and wood piles.
  • Black widow spiders are not aggressive, though their bite is dangerous, it is unlikely you will ever be bitten by one.   

The camel Spider

  • The camel spider is usually beige or brown in color
  • They are known many names , such as the wind spider, wind scorpion, camel spider, sun spider.
  • A camel spider can be 5 to 6 inches in length.
  • They are nocturnal so they hunt at night, and look for the shade during the day. 
  • Camel spiders are not dangerous ​to people, they are not venomous. 
  • ​Camel spiders can run up to 10 mph

Wolf Spider

  • ​The wolf spider 1/2 inch to 2 inches long and hairy.
  • The wolf spider may be called the ground spider or hunting spider. Because it hunts on the ground.
  • The wolf spider is sometime mistaking for the brown recluse.
  • The  bite of a Wolf spider is poisonous but not lethal.
  • The wolf spider will bite if provoked, one should seek medical attention if bitten.


The Brown Recluse Spider

  • The brown recluse has long thin legs
  • ​The brown recluse spider is light brown to tan in color.
  • The brown recluse is shy and does not attack people,but will bite if injured.
  • ​The brown recluse has a violin shape mark on the top of its body.