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HWhat does a brown recluse look like

9 facts about brown recluse spidersl

  1. Brown Recluse Spiders have six eyes arranged in a semicircle in groups of two.
  2. Brown Recluse spider live outdoors under rocks,logs,and debris.
  3. The Brown recluse Spider hunts at night seeking insect prey dead or alive.
  4. Brown recluse spider has a brown violin shape on its back. With the neck of the violin pointing to the rear.
  5. The initial bite of the Brown Recluse Spider does not cause pain.
  6. The Brown Recluse has small fangs and cannot bite trough clothes.
  7. Its rare to see a Brown Recluse during daylight hours.
  8. The Brown Recluse is not aggressive.It will strike if it gets trapped against your skin between clothes or in your shoe.  
  9. The Brown Recluse has powerful venom that can cause damage to humans.