Custom Pest Control

p‚Äčpreventive Pest control Measures in Las vegas

Control water usage .

Where  there is water you will find insects. The hotter it gets here in Las vegas the more the bugs will be  in search of water. So you want to fix any leaks that you may have around your house,including, faucets, pipes,and sprinklers.

Eliminate food supply

Help keep pest away buy sweeping up crumbs and mopping up spills and wipe down counter tops.keep food in sealed containers and put leftovers in the fridge.

Eliminate clutter

To much stuff not only does it look bad, it can also attract bugs. It gives them a perfect place to hide out and make a home. Keep as much clutter as you can from around the outside of your house and, in the garage keep boxes and newspaper off the floor

Spray For Bugs.

Call an exterminator to spray the perimeter of your house this will help to keep insects out of your home.     

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