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  • What do bed bugs look like ?

​​Bed bugs have small flat oval shaped bodies,and grown adults are brown and they kind of look like apple seeds.

  • ​Where do beg bugs come from?

 Bed bugs can come from a variety of places, like hotel or motel rooms, infested used furniture, used clothing or anyplace that you may come in contact with that may have bed bugs.

  • How can i tell if i have bed bugs ?

​If you think you have bed bugs its a good idea to visually check your bed itself.You can usually spot them in the corners of the mattress seams, or if you see blood spots on the mattress.  

  • Do bed bugs cause diseases ? 

Bed bug bites are a nuisance, but they do not spread diseases to humans.

  • Who is at risk of getting bed bugs ?

​Everyone is at risk of getting bed bugs when visiting someplace that has bed bugs. However anybody that travels frequently and shares sleeping quarters where other people have previously slept are at a higher risk of getting bed bugs. 

  • How to get rid of bed bugs in Las Vegas  ?​

​​Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate because they can go months

without out feeding, multiply fast,and are resistant to many

different types of pesticides.

  • How much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs ?

​The cost of bed bug control for the average house can be expensive. Starting at about  $2,000.00 to $ 4,000.00.

  • ​Can bed bugs move from one room to another room?

Bed bugs can travel from one room, to another room,traveling through the wall voids,pipes,and electric pathways.

  • Heat treatment for bed bugs

Heat treatment is an effective way to kill bedbugs, heat over 120 degrees will kill bed bugs, like placing clothing garments in the dryer on high temperature for 10 to 20 minutes will kill them.Or a pest control companies that specialize in whole room heating, using industrial strength heaters. Raising the temperature on your thermostat or space heaters wont do the job. 

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