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C​Can a black widow kill you, and how to get rid of them ?

The black widow spider is shiny black with a red dot on its abdomen. The black widow are poisonous but they are not aggresive, they only bite in self defense.The bite is painless at first but an hour or so later intense pain and swelling may follow.The pain starts from the bite site to the abdomen and back. The venom causes nausea,cramps, profuse perspiration, tremors, labored breathing, restlessness, increase blood pressure, and fever. Death has been known to accrue to people that are very sensitive to the venom, but the symptoms usually diminish after a day and go away completly after several days. If bitten seek medical attention right away. They are usually not found out in the open they are very shy, you may find them under patio chairs, in corners of block walls, under rocks, inside water sprinkler boxes, or anywhere there is clutter.         

99​9 ways to get rid of black widow spiders 

  1. Remove clutter from the garage.
  2. Remove piles of lumber from outside in your yard.
  3. Knock down spider webs from around your house
  4. do not store firewood against the house
  5. Trim back hedges.
  6. Tightly seal up cardboard boxes with duct tape.
  7. store items in the garage off the floor
  8. Use plastic containers with lids on them.
  9. ​Call an exterminator for pest control service